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A logo makes a brand loyalty it says everything about your product and business. Steincod the best logo designing company in Kerala we design logos for the company or brand. Our designer's design logos that’s attractive and also it includes your company mission.

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Web Design Company Kerala

Welcome to Steincod Web & Art Design, where the best Web Designers Kerala form the most prolific web design company Kerala and churn out a catchy, professional, and bespoke design for businesses and individuals. We have been constantly praised and loved by our customers for the out of the box thinking and approach towards web design in Kerala. Combining artistic talents with professional experience and skills, we have redefined the Kerala web design arena.

Whether you want a whole website designed and developed or simply want to draw attention to your products and services via a professionally designed leaflet, our web designers in Kerala are up to it. We cater to clients with different needs, different budgets, and different goals but each time, We have come up with an innovative solution that will make our clients happy and exceed their expectations. Check out our amazing web design in Kerala here.

We are a holistic web design company in Kerala with all-around services including Logo Design, Web Design, Brochure, Profile Design, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, and Web Hosting. Each of our services is catered by specialized teams of web designers in Kerala so you get bespoke service and dedicated attention, whichever Service You pick.

All our Web Designs Kerala are responsive and they fit every device beautifully. Our services are not limited to web design and web development in Kerala as we will also help you in securing catchy domain names and provide world-class hosting services.

We also offer premium web development in Kerala where we build fully functional and aesthetically pleasant websites with all the features and frills you want. Steincod is one of the Best IT Companies in Kerala. Fully responsive and built of befitting platforms like WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, X-Cart Magento. HTML5/CSS3, Joomla, Drupal, or PHP, these masterpieces from our gifted web designers Kerala will bring you, visitors, rank highly on Google, and convert clients easily. For further queries, Contact Us.

Leading Website Design Company Kerala

Most companies always love to create a unique online identity; Create new strategies that will make their business out of competitors. At Steincod we assure you that in its entire entirety. From pre-build solutions to personalized solutions, we have everything a business in a web designing company is looking for. What makes us stand out from the crowd are our unique values, our commitment, and our deep enjoyment of web design and development services. At Steincod, our professionals have the full enterprise in industry-specific domains, mainly within the e-commerce industry, where changes are available in real-time. We are attracted by the crowd because of our unique values, commitment, web-designing, and profound delight in development services.

Web Development Company Kerala

Steincod focuses on providing web & design solutions and is devoted to offering great quality digital marketing services. Our team is made up of licensed and skilled experts. Our company also consists of a professional team that is always ready to accommodate your needs and offers the proper answers to issues that prevent your business from moving ahead. Furthermore, Steincod has been providing different web and design services for approximately 4 years now. Steincod was established in 2010 in Kerala. India.

In this light, our web Development Company offers a variety of unique and high-quality services that would outsell your business. This include

Web designing. Steincod designs professional looking and eye-catching websites for individuals and business with a professional look. Corporate identity. In this view, Steincod works on introducing your brand to your target audience which further attracts traffic to your site and outsources your competitors. Our web development company also offers a content management system, and our sole goal is to help you control the high quality and availability of your website content to users. There is also high technical knowledge to help you. E-commerce solutions. The best e-commerce solution for expanding your business. search engine optimization (SEO), Steincod has a team that ensures your business ranks top at Google search, thus making you sell more. Email marketing, Steincod experts would build an email list for your website and ensure success in your email marketing campaign. SMS marketing. Recently is one of the most fantastic ways to advertise your business and Steincod launches campaigns that would help your business sell. Domain & hosting. In the field of domain and hosting, Steincod is a number one trusted company and would greatly meet your demands. Consultancy. This service is available for individuals and businesses wanting to start up and grow. Web Company would offer you the right service.

Simpler Yet High-Quality Process Of Web Design

  • 1


    Our initial phase of web design involves recognizing the client's needs and gathering as much information as possible by their business goals.

  • 2


    Accordingly, we prepare the process to implement and deliver web design services focused on customer specifications and business goals.

  • 3


    A wireframe is constructed from the found outline. Once all the information has been collected and the strategies to be implemented are approved, we allow the artistic ideas to flow. We present ideas that will perfect your company and showcase your brand.

  • 4


    From the finalization of the design, a prototype is built and awaiting approval. Once that prototype is approved, the development phase begins. This is a critical post-web design step where we design everything designed and planned for the final execution process. Creating web pages through codes, data, and images is a time-consuming process.

  • 5


    We conduct a thorough inspection of this level of web design services throughout the website to ensure that it runs smoothly without bugs or delays.

  • 6


    Once the testing of the website is complete, the final step in getting the carefully designed web design into the hands of the clients comes. We ensure that a well-designed and seamless website delivers to customer standards. Additionally, we provide regular maintenance of your websites if you choose to make regular changes to your client's website in the future.

Services We Offer To Redefine Your Websites

Static Web Design

At Steincod we are experienced in delivering static web design resolution. Designing a static website is the easiest way to view your business or product online. The content to be offered could be in the form of products and services or perhaps details about concerns about your company.

Static web design sites contain only code. This layout is very useful for websites with few pages (around 5) and they don't need regular updates either. Sites can include any number of web pages with the least amount of HTML, as well as a script that helps optimize search engines. We offer an exclusive and personalized website design with excellence at competitive marketing prices.

Dynamic Web Design

A dynamic web page is one that contains information that can be changed if the page is requested by coding or scripting. Dynamic web pages are those that allow a customer to choose what type of information to display. In general, a dynamic website is a website where all the web content is stored in databases and put together when the web page is requested.

Our web design team at Steincod, the best website design company in Kerala, is made up of a highly qualified and trained team who can provide the highest quality services to our clients with dynamic web design.

Responsive Web Design

The growth of smartphone network usage is now increasing enormously, resulting in responsive website design. Responsive web design is like the art of web design for various screen sizes and devices. Google strongly recommends responsive web design to improve user experience and indeed to improve conversions. Everything fits into one design.

There are many benefits to preferring an easy-to-use web design that improves user experience, increases site efficiency, maximizes search engine exposure, makes it easier to maintain, and cost-effective. As a leading responsive web design company in Kerala, we prefer first to build mobile - Centered designs and then move to other devices to cover the maximum customer base. For more details please contact us.

Html5 Web Design

We Steincod are the leading HTML5 web design company in Kerala, making good use of the current edition of this markup language to deliver a high-level user experience for website visitors to the inbound stream. it is necessary to allow full use of the website appearance regardless of the frame.

The lean and robust display nature of HTML5 is its USP and enables the rendering of content across platforms in a more impressive way. As the leading website design company in Kerala, we are leveraging HTML5 to its fullest and optimal value for our clients' website designs.

CMS Web Design

As a leading web design company for CMS in Kerala, we are aware that CMS (Content Management System) is a highly demanded technology that ranks highly in the website development industry. Therefore, with the analysis of this fact, we incorporated all the major CMS open sources, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Typo3, to achieve the highest customer base. We are the most experienced website design company in Kerala, having traveled in the design field for more than a decade exposing itself to many trends and thus having absolute clarity in executing the ideal design based on CMS according to our client's online demand.

Custom CMS Web Design

As the best custom web design company in Kerala, we are recognized experts in providing industry-specific website designs that represent the company you, directly and indirectly, belong to as well as target clients. company. Your website will be different from others.

A website needs to be customized to suit the needs of visitors so that they can quickly find the details they are looking for. Using the right layout, navigation, functionality, text size, etc. all contribute to the success of your website and consequently your business. '' success; The description of the main performance indicators of your services or products that can maximize sales you cannot modify these options with a list template. The custom design services provided by Steincod produce an excellent design that is tailored to your business objectives.

WordPress Web Design

Flexibility is the main aspect that every developer will see through work while working with a designer, being one of the leading WordPress website design companies in Kerala, we take care of the flexibility that our development team requires and also project the same in our result to achieve a complete result. customer satisfaction. WordPress is among the most popular content management systems and has gained the most popular among consumers or users compared to its peers. This simplifies even the work of designers and allows them to deliver the product on time. Our unique Kerala WordPress web design services can help our clients make huge profits from their businesses.

Renew Your Website By Redesigning

In this extremely competent and fast-moving digitized business world, you need to keep up with new trends and change your presence to survive first and lead the race accordingly. Website redesign became an unavoidable strategy that must be carried out on a mandatory basis for any website owner to ensure the longevity of its survival and achieve maximum business profit.

As a leading website redesign company in Kerala, by applying trend modeling strategies and techniques, we tend to rebuild the lost market and reputation of our clients. At Steincod, the leading website design company in Kerala, we are giving our clients the real benefit that makes them feel worthy of their investment.

Clear your doubts...???

Website a new sales channel for your business that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of whether you are on vacation or busy with something. When you open an office or showroom, did you do all the interior decoration yourself or someone without a brand? I am sure that you invested a lot of resources and did it in the right way by highly qualified professionals. He did it because that office/showroom is the one that draws customers in or drives them away. No matter how great products or services you have, that office or showroom is very important. It's not like that?

There is no single answer to this question. The design of a website is priced based on the needs of each project. Each website is unique and requires different components; we design and develop custom websites specifically for your small business. We will ask you lots of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment. Most of our sites run in the 10,000INR - 50,000INR range, but they can be more or less depending on the need.

On average, we aim for a response time of six to eight weeks, but the pace of any project is set by each client. How much information you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with comments, how soon the content is ready - all this affects the speed of completion. Functionality needs can also play a role - more complex sites will take longer to develop.

Yes. WordPress is an excellent content management system that now powers over 30% of the web. Its huge market share is due to its flexibility and ease of use. Don't worry, we will teach you how to manage it and we will help you along the way.

No! We work with clients from all over the world. Our entire team works remotely, allowing us to find the best equipment for our business.

Yes! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn how to manage it on their own. We will provide you with a set of comprehensive video tutorials to help you learn how to move, as well as provide you with a training session to help you get on your way. (Note: We love to answer your questions!)

We can! We provide ongoing support to many of our clients.

Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! We work hard to make sure your website looks good on a variety of devices.

We offer a variety of payment options, ranging from one-time upfront payment to six automated monthly payments. We understand that this is a great investment and we want to help you budget for expenses in any way possible.

We accept checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

Much! Your input and feedback are crucial to this process. We will start with many questions about your needs, your tastes, your desires and we will work with you to develop the right look and feel.

All of our sites are built with best practices and without bloat code, optimizing them for search engines. We also like to include SEO audits in all of our website projects.

An SEO audit involves looking at your current keywords, SEO, and PPC strategy and seeing where you can improve based on traffic and content quality. The audit provides a wealth of information, as well as installation on your website and recommendations for future strategy.

Usually, that's you. You are the expert in your business, so it is generally best if it comes from you. If you need help, we have a copywriter on our team who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

Accommodation is very important! When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for. We have developed a list of our absolute favorite posts to help you find the right host at the right price. Check out our list.

A custom website can be a great investment, and not all small businesses have the budget for you. We offer an inexpensive package that will help you quickly connect to an attractive website. Learn more about our budget package.

We are just an email away! We are here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we will not disappear once the site is launched. We've been doing this for 4 years, so we're not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Web Design in Kerala

In today’s world where the cutthroat competition prevails your brand will have to stand on its own. We are armed with creative intelligence with visionary ideas and original thinking. We believe in dedication to hard work with integrity and honesty. At Steincod we are passionate people who think of delivering outstanding results. At Steincod you can count on us to be an integrated communications agency with a good track record that can take your company and frame your project as an extension of the core promise of your brand.

Our company has a profound sense of teamwork that they use to satisfy our clients need. Comparing other web design company Kerala, in our company we share truthfulness, modesty, and laughter. The staff is made of a diversified background of talents and knowledge and uses this knowledge to keep the creative juices flowing making this a strong foundation.

Because we love what we do and because we want our clients to feel the same way about our work, Steincod keeps everything 100% in-house. From designing, development, or marketing, we never outsource your projects externally, nor will we send them to a foreign office. We take pride in our Kerala-based family, in which every member aims to contribute to our mutual goal – to deliver and maintain, at all means necessary, the highest quality of service in Kerala.